Saturday, November 15, 2008

Evening in London

I recently spent an afternoon and evening in London coming back from a conference. I shot a few pictures that are best characterized as "grabshots". As always, London was rainy and cloudy. The links go to flickr pages where you can see bigger versions. Here is a typical wet street:


Around the corner from Imperial college I believe. Which is around the corner from the Royal Albert hall.

Royal Albert hall

I like the color in both. Here is the same wet street

London wet sunset

iPhone at Waterloo station
iPhone rising at Waterloo

The old Vic, one of many theaters in London
The old Vic

No nightly trash pickup:
London street scene

Nelson looking at the moon
Nelson and the moon

Reflection in the water at the river Thames
Thames river reflection

The London eye
The London eye at night

Panorama on the river Thames. 8 or so images stitched together.
Thames panorama

Bridge light and reflections in my lens
Bridge light

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