Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ghost town cemetery

These are shots of the cemetery in a ghost town close to the Rio Grande (and therefore close to mexico) in Texas. The ghost town is called Terlingua (i.e. three languages in broken Spanish for Spanish, a native language and English I guess) and has undergone some sort of revival recently with some functioning restaurants, galleries and guest houses. They used to mine a mercury ore here called cinnabar that was smelted in ovens probably killing lots of people and denaturing the surrounding areas of mesquite trees (for wood to burn in the ovens). It's a very nice place to check out on your way to Big Bend. As always you can click on the images for much bigger versions.





Check out the full gallery of images, including some black and white images. For those flickr-inclined amongst you, here is the full set over there.

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