Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raccoon phase II

Yesterday, I discovered that the raccoon from the previous post (it is the same one as you can see from his coat "design") had made his home under a nook under one of the subroofs. I got some nice shots from him, but still had to chase him off and make the spot where he was hiding a little unpleasant for him as I don't want him scurrying around where my small kids are playing. These are very cute looking animals but they can often scratch and bite people. This is not good as they sometimes carry rabies and distemper. The garden hose helped and I haven't seen him since he ran off. This is far from the only raccoon in our neighborhood. Neighbors of us were in their livingroom and suddenly noticed eyes staring at them - from the fireplace.


2009-10-17 Cute Squatter

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