Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Golden waterfall

I went with my friend Dave shooting around Zion. We shot an enormous amount of images that I have to somehow find the time to put together. I'd like to show you at least one image that I put together in my hotelroom at night. This is a small waterfall that Dave had found a few years ago along the Taylor Creek trail. The water is reflecting the rising sun on an opposing mountain and is getting blurred by the long shutter. The color was indeed outerworldy.

Golden waterfall 1

As always this is an image assembled from multiple images, so it is very high resolution. The detail in the original is amazing. There will be much more to follow as I can see a gluttony of amazing images ripening in my Lightroom Library.

EDIT: see this image large on my sales website here.
More from Zion is in this and this blogpost.

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