Saturday, March 19, 2011

My bike got stolen

This morning I walk outside and notice something is wrong. Some asshole stole my bike from the roof of my car. Forcing open the lock and cutting several ties I use to secure the bike. This is a bike I recently built from parts to replace my previous (also selfbuilt) one that I broke the frame of. This one has a grey Titus bicycles frame with a Marzocchi fork and a Fox Float rear shock. This is what it looks like (larger in the link).


Or here in the snow.

Amazingly, the thieves were incompetent enough to leave the shears they used


Here you can see how they forced open the lock probably by rocking the bike which also bent the rail.


Amazingly, these thieves were so incompetent they actually broke the front fork. You can see one of the pieces of metal here:


This will make the bike unsellable without some major repair (a new fork basically).

The Arvada police department in the person of officer Pena (a mountain biker too apparently) actually came really quickly and took the shears to examine it for prints so perhaps something will come of it.

As a Dutchman of course I have had my bike stolen before, but never one that I was so attached to and that I built myself. This last week I rode it every single day. I'll miss it. These nasty thieves deserve nothing but the worst.

Edit: this is the serial number
Serial number of my bike that got stolen


  1. my commiserations. Had a few flogged by thieves myself and its never nice.

    Take it on the chin up and remember at least you are better than them

  2. I just realised, the picture of the MTB behind me was one which was also stolen ...