Monday, April 25, 2011

The sound of falling snow

On my bikeride yesterday, I got caught in a snow shower. I ended up quite soaked to the bone by the time I came down and also enormously muddy. I did shoot a little video though as I thought the sound of the falling snow was really neat. All handheld on my phone so often shaky for obvious reasons. I turned on the shake reduction and rolling shutter correction in iMovie but that doesn't help that much unfortunately. I didn't take out the phone towards later where it was really dumping on me as I didn't want to damage it. I know it doesn't compare even remotely to timelapses of the milky way on the Teide volcano, but I thought it was neat anyway. The piano music (Chopin) was added later ;-)

It's playable in HD (there are buttons when you play it full screen) and also available in the gallery in HD.

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