Saturday, August 20, 2011

Black Canyon of the Gunnison sunrise

On my way to a workshop in Telluride I did last week, I spent the night in the campground of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park as I could not get to Telluride before midnight after leaving from my grad student Allison's thesis defense (she passed) and subsequent party. Even though I arrived at the canyon after 9 pm, there were still plenty of campsites in the very nice campground. This gave me the unexpected opportunity to see the sun rise on the canyon. Looking at Google Earth and using the highly recommended Photographer's Ephemeris app (Mac/PC version here, iphone/iPad version here), I figured out that the best opportunity would be painted wall or Cedar point. I chose Cedar point because it appeared to give a nice view of the river too. The sunrise was beautiful and very serene as there was absolutely nobody anywhere near.

Dawn on the painted wall seen from Cedar Point
Dawn on the painted wall seen from Cedar Point.
This is taken not long before the actual sunrise and is a horizontal stitch of many images. It has to be seen large on black. You can buy a print here which will look highly detailed even at the very largest sizes.

River gorge of the Gunnison and painted wall right before sunrise
River gorge and yellow sunrise.
This image is a stitch of 10 images shot at 35 mm on f/8.0, 1/15s and ISO 200. It is again highly detailed and will print gorgeously even may feet long. See it large here and buy a print here.

Sun hitting the top of the canyon. A unique view not often captured.
Sun hitting the canyon top.
This panorama was assembled from 10 images shot at 35mm, f8.0 and 1/40s (ISO 200). See it large here and buy a print here. I just love how the river seems to glow.

The gorge in yellow and blue
River gorge in yellow and blue.
Assembled from 9 images shot at 50 mm, f/8.0, 1/60s, ISO 200. The haze is starting to come in giving the canyon a blue appearance. See it large. Buy a print.

Black Canyon Wall
Black Canyon wall.
Assembled from 9 images. 50mm at f/11 1/60s, ISO 200.
See large. Buy a print.

Lava dyke
Lava dyke. Also in black and white.
Assembled from 14 images shot at 50mm at f/11 1/60s, ISO 200. See large. Buy a print.

If you ever get a chance you should visit this place. It is stunningly beautiful. See more images from this place in the smugmug gallery.

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