Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Devils Tower

A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon at the iconic Devils Tower in Wyoming. This volcanic feature is well known to not just fans of classic sci fi movies, but was used for thousands of years as a navigation landmark. The native peoples of these areas all have a story of how the place came to be. The stories are laid out in the visitor's center. One of my favorites is the idea that a giant bear scraped the lines into the rock. This is a fantastically strange place and well worth a visit. Apparently this is the oldest national Monument in the national parks service. While my daughter was doing her Junior Ranger program (she now has 20 badges or so!), I took a hike around the thing and took some images. You can find the full set within my national parks collection. Here is one example:

This is a stitched image that has superb resolution. It is absolutely fantastic printed at for example 20"x25" or even much larger. I also have a sepia version. I took many of these high res images around the tower. Here is one example:

I love the bright green of the poison ivy in the foreground here. I used some virtual camera movements here and did a virtual tilt to get the whole thing in focus. For the photographers among us, I'll talk about how you can do that some time later. In the mean time, check out the entire galery of images.

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