Monday, April 9, 2007


I took quite a few pictures by moonlight in the park last weekend. The moon was superbright every night. One set of pictures I found interesting was an image I took at sunset (left), which turned out to have a companion taken later at night when only the moon was out(right):
Moon over CanyonlandsLa Sal mountains and White Rim by moonlight
Check out the larger sizes available on flickr to see the amazing detail captured at moonlight and the clear visibility of the snowcapped La Sal mountains in the background.
Another image I took in another location is the following:
Star trails over moonlit Taylor Canyon
The long exposure causes the stars to be streaked across the sky. Unfortunately I didn't think to walk to the other side of the canyon and try to shoot a north star shot. Clich├ęd, but fun. Another cool shot is the following one of Mozes and Zeus after sunset. The light here is coming from scattered light from the sun that was long below the horizon and light reflected by the moon visible in the upper right hand side of the shot.
Zeus and Mozes at Dusk
More moonlight shots later when I get around to putting them on flickr.

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