Monday, December 3, 2007

Zion national Park

Last August we were in beautful Zion National Park in Utah where among other things, we hiked the Narrows. This is an awesome slot canyon at the end of Zion Canyon.

The adventurers
This is my wife and daughter at the fork in the river. My daughter just loved hiking along the river and especially the many rapids that she would sometimes go up to her neck into.

Tenacious tree
This is a tree that somehow seems to be able to hold on.

Hiker in The Narrows
My wife ahead of us.

We also hiked at other places and even met a friend that my daughter had made a few days before in Bryce Canyon and her parents, so we hiked with all. Here is a tree perched between rocks:
Tree in gap
I like this because of the backlighting on the leaves.

And lastly a sunset from the campground:
The line

More images on the flickr set.

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