Friday, January 30, 2009

Photographic links of the week.

Pictures of the central plains ice storms
Cool family shots (from John Nack's blog)
Amazing areal images from London. (From Rob Galbraith's blog)
Summer in the southern hemisphere.
Funny juxtaposition.
Rash of naked hikers in the swiss Alps? I thought this has always been popular and not something new?
Why icebergs are blue (this is the correct explanation!)
Gigapan released their panorama robot.
Capture video with any Live View capable Nikon DSLR, even those that don't support video capture!
Win good stuff in the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop contest.
Beautiful images from one of my favorite National Parks. I found this guy's website after searching for images of a lake I wanted to photograph this spring. I do lots of photography in RMNP myself as many of you will know.
Most poignant photos of the Bush presidency selected by some major photo editors.
Inauguration day (NPR).

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