Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More images from the forest

This is a followup on my last post. First is another image I took but only stitched today. It is a different angle at the same location as the yellow flower shot in the previous post.

I think I prefer the one from yesterday but this is pretty good too.

I also went back to the same place yesterday thinking that the wetness of the constant rain might be interesting. I mostly just got wet but took some interesting shots anyway. Here is a misty forest:

A jumble of leaves:

And some wet, yellow flowers which caused them to hang their heads.

The location with the crossed logs that I photographed the previous day was quite uninteresting due to the hanged heads unfortunately so I let that rest for another time. I am guessing that in a few days time all the yellow flowers will be blooming making it more of a sea of yellow than of green.

Lastly, Apex creek in the rain drizzle:

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