Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nikon announces new high ISO monster

The D3s. The thing is capable of ISO 102400. The Sample images show amazingly clean ISO 12800. The ISO 102400 I am sure of course is a trick mode (HI 3) that is really ISO 12800 boosted in software. Still the images very impressive as I am sure the price will be. For the rest it is like the old D3. And oh yeah, there is a movie feature which shoots in silly time-limited mjpeg, a codec from the stone age that nobody uses anymore. Why no mpeg4/H264? Now the question is with the D3s and the D3x, where is Nikon's answer to the Canon 5D mk II? The D700x?

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  1. AFAIK the recording time of video mode in both SLR & compact cameras is limited for tax purposes - i.e. longer recording times put the device into a more expensive tax bracket, and therefore increases the cost to the consumer.

    And M-JPEG is used so that any frame from a video can easily be extracted to a still JPEG without recompression. However, I would have thought that few people will ever want to do this, and I agree that other formats (such as AVCHD) would be much more useful.

    Perhaps in the next generation of movie-enabled SLRs we'll see a user-selectable choice of recording CODEC so that all the bases are covered?