Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowy scenes

I finally got a little time from crazy busy work to try and engage the shutter on my camera a little, so I hiked in the snow on the Chimney Gulch and Beaver Brook trails from the windy saddle on Lookout mountain in Golden. The snow was dumping down but luckily my camera is well weather sealed. I took a few images of which this is one:

Flickr link.

This is using a long shutter so the snow disappears to the camera and a little contrast to correct for the white blur. Jeffrey Friedl has a nice demonstration of what shutter speed does to falling snow here. I did not turn this into black and white, this is pretty much what the scene looked like. There is some green in the trees if you look careful.This is looking down a rockslide, which might be hard to see in this image as the snow and clouds are hiding what is behind. To see this, here is an older picture at the same spot:

Some more images from this little hike are in the next post.

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