Monday, August 9, 2010

50 year anniversary

This month it was 50 years ago that Longs peak's famous east face diamond was first scaled by Dave Rearick and his partner Bob Kamps. The radio had a story on it this morning with interviews with the climbers and here is a nice account on the successful attempt. At the time, the climb was considered so dangerous that the parks service simply did not allow anyone to try. Kamps and Rearick obtained special permission. In honor of the anniversary here are some pictures I took of Longs Peak1 a while ago.

This is standing below the east face. I can't imagine climbing this thing.
The towering diamond face up close

A more traditional view standing on the other side of the lake:
Diamond and rocks

Here are more images. I wrote about the photo excursion that yielded these images some time ago.

1It always bothered me that the official spelling omits the apostrophe as the USGS mandates for most place names named after somebody.

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