Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beaver ponds sunset

Several weeks ago I spent a sunset at a set of beaver ponds (lots of mosquitoes) in McCullough Gulch near Breckenridge with my friend Dave. They look out on the aptly named Red Mountain. The beavers were very active so the reflection kept getting "messed up" but we had a fun evening shooting anyway.

Here is a vertical shot. It was stitched from two sets of 9 images at two different exposures combined using a simple gradient layer mask to simulate a big grad neutral density. Click for bigger.
Sunset at the Beaver ponds

The ponds were really low this time so we had lots of mud in the frame. I like the geometric effect of the fingers of water reaching out to the viewer.

Here is a horizontal rendering. Also stitched from multiple shots. If you go to the bigger version by clicking on it, you can see a beaver swimming in the water in the middle of the reflection of red mountain.

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