Sunday, September 25, 2011

Speaking of Dream Lake

Here is an old image from it in winter. I Developed it to be close to what the Velvia looks like that I shot simultaneously (and never scanned at high quality).

Blue and yellow dawn
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There is also a newly developed vertical composition available here. I need to get back to it and Emerald Lake at sunrise sometime soon.

I'll leave you with a shot of Hallett peak coming up to Emerald Lake (visible through the trees):
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  1. stunning scenery ... interesting that you developed it to look like Velvia.

    I personally became more of a fan of Provia (of course starting out on Velvia) but in Australia it is just way too contrasty for most situations. I look at my slides of Alberta Canada and compare them to here and see that the light in Alberta winter is much more amenable to that film than Australia is.

    And so I turned to the dark side - Negative

  2. I must admit that I have never shot Provia. I used to always shoot negative film, both B+W (mostly Ilford being European) and color negative (various Kodak cheapo film stocks). Only when I had my photographic "reawakening" did I become interested in slide film. For a while I shot it along digital, but often never got to scanning the slides. I have a flat bed, but that really does not give very good results. You really need a dedicated scanner or send it in for scanning and the threshold becomes too high. Also, people that buy prints do not seem to notice that the detail from images from my old D50 (only 6MP) is not up to standard from the film shots scanned well or my stitched images at crazy high resolution.

    That said, Velvia works well in the circumstances I meet here. I often need to control contrast a little with grad NDs but to be honest I haven't bothered to shoot film for several years. The last rolls I exposed two years ago haven't even been developed yet! Having to prioritize I guess.