Sunday, November 13, 2011

Butler Gulch sunset in black and white

Butler Gulch evening Black and white
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Black and white version of the high resolution image from yesterday. I love the luminosity/glow of the rocks in the foreground.


  1. and you're going to say this was digital too :-)

    nice shadow foreground

  2. Thanks! Yeah digital too. Even though apparently it then cannot be art according to rockwell ;-)

  3. ahhh ... Ken .. yep he's interesting isn't he :-)

  4. Yeah I had just read his comments on the Gursky "photograph" of the Rein river being sold for >4M$. Either he was joking or rattling people's cages about the film thing or he doesn't realize that that image was, even though originally shot on film, heavily manipulated by Gursky in the computer.