Monday, March 31, 2008

Difficult Creek hot springs

Dawn at the Goodwin/Greene hut:

One of the fun things about the 10th mountain huts is that they all have log books where people write about their adventures. Some go back many decades. The ones in the Goodwin/Greene hut went back to the 60's. There were many references in it to so-called Difficult Creek hot springs and many mentions of people fruitlessly trying to find them (ref my previous post). Even on the web you can find ample reference to them. This sort of mythology is great. No mention exists of the hot springs on the topomaps of this place, making the enticement even higher of finding them. Geologically, it is very well possible that there could be hot springs in that area as many hot springs exist all around there. However, they are not in the place that is mentioned in the dog-eared logbook page. The GPS coordinates given there are in another part of the state. I won't tell you whether there actually are any there though as I don't want to kill the myth and the woods below the hut of Difficult Creek drainage are a great ski.

Here is Doug reading about the hot springs and the mermaids that live in them and Teresa reading Erin's (who also highly recommends the springs) entry from years ago.

The view from the hut. As you can see lots of snow. While we were there the windows filled up even further.

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