Sunday, March 30, 2008

Images from my recent multiday hut trip

A weekend ago, I did a four-day huttrip in the mountains just south of Aspen. We visited the Markley and Goodwin/Greene huts. We crossed many dangerous avalanche paths and saw more snow than I have ever seen in my life. We had a great time with salad-dressing whiskey and other fun things. The skiing was also outstanding due to the constant fresh snowfall. The navigation to the second hut was somewhat difficult as a lot of it was above treeline and in the hut's logbook, we found many stories from people that took the wrong drainage in white-out conditions and ended up having to spend the night out. Even though we were prepared for that possibility, I am glad that we found the hut (which could only be identified by a PV panel and some pipes sticking out of the very deep snow). I took many images of which I will post a few below. More can be found in the smugmug gallery and a more extensive series is in my flickr stream.

Dawn at the Markley hut:

View from the pass

Skiers on the pass:

Dawn at the Goodwin/Greene hut looking at Gold Hill:

The same in B and W is here

Another dawn pic:

Colin ripping it up:

Panoramic view including a nice recent slide:

You can read more about this trip and see pictures wuth me in it in a writeup by somebody else in the group.

One of the things that some of my readership might find interesting is that contrary to many huts in the Alps, you have to carry in your own food which makes for interesting skiing. This is an advantage (actually good food) and a disadvantage at the same time. It is tough to ski with that much weight on your back. If you're interested in huttrips in Colorado, check out the 10th Mountain division website. These huts fill up quick!

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