Friday, November 7, 2008

Another reason why the US made the right choice

As if we needed another reason. Obama set up this extraordinary website detailing the transition. It's very well done. Watch his acceptance speech too, which is superb. The part about the 100+ years lady that went from not being allowed to vote for multiple reasons to touching her finger to a screen to cast a ballot is fantastic. I am a pro-democracy nut and whenever I am allowed to vote for anything I do. I do agree with Churchill's many remarks about democracy - paraphrased: "Democracy is the worst political system in the world - safe for all the other ones." On the other hand, he also made the great remark "The best argument against democracy is five minutes with the average voter." Indeed Bush was somehow reelected four years ago. the first time around OK, but reelect the worst president of modern times?

Although I don't like to talk politics in this place (or in general), I would like to say that this election represents a sea change and a much-needed return to reason instead of the highly dogmatic thinking that marked the last 8 years - a dark period for the US and the world for sure. Following the election being streamed live over the internet into our hospital room where we were recovering from the recent birth was an amazing experience of renewal. The moment NPR started calling the election brought tears to my eyes. This country has turned a new page in many ways and has returned to being that shining beacon. Lastly, I would like to say that the concession speech by McCain was superb. If only that McCain had shown up during the election!

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