Saturday, November 29, 2008

Adobe camera RAW and DNG converter update

Adobe has released the 5.2 update for camera RAW (only works in CS4) and an update for DNG converter. Contrary to what it says on the camera raw download webpage, the camera RAW and DNG converter are now separate installers (use the popup to find them or use the links further in my post), which is a good idea. If you have Lightroom 2.1 and CS3, only get the DNG converter installer. If you have LR 2.1 and CS4 install both. The separate DNG converter installer is here for Mac and Windows. Installing DNG converter will also give you the final release version of Adobe's new camera matching profiles. What's great about DNG converter is that it will allow you to convert RAW files from cameras not currently supported (at least until December) in Lightroom 2.1 to dng such as the Canon G10 and the 5D mk II. You can load the dng files in LR 2.1 and they will be fully supported.


  1. What's of most interest for me personally about ACR 5.2 is that has the first traces of automatic lens distortion correction (And lateral CA too). Yes, for the leica/pana only, and "behind the scene", but it leads to believe we'll soon see a fool-scale lens correction tool in Lightroom.

    I'd also like to note that general slider responsiveness is only a bit affected by on the fly barrel distortion correction of the pana.

  2. Let's hope you're right. I'd love a quick distortion correction in the RAW stage.