Sunday, May 2, 2010

San Francisco streets

I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago because I organized a session at the MRS conference. I barely got time between sessions and social events to take a few images in the neighborhood of the Moscone. San Francisco is a fantastic vibrant city where I really should spend more time. I earlier posted the cliché image from the BART station at the SFO airport taken using my cellphone. Here are a few pictures that I put on my flickr stream for you all to enjoy.

This is one of our grad students checking the news:
What's the news today?

I call this Yellow, Green, and Girl. I like how she is lit up by the reflection from windows on the building behind me.
Yellow, Green, and Girl

This guy had a great suit (and a great voice). He was singing gospels.

A cliché but I couldn't resist.
Standing in judgment

Don't wanna follow the arrow?
Counter culture - disobeying the arrow

Another BART platform picture from the cellphone:
Yellow and Blue

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