Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lake sunrise accidental timelapse

Blue lake sunrise in time
left top: ISO 100, 18-55mm at 18mm, f/11, 10s, right top: 1/6s
left middle: f/13, 1/30s, right middle: 1/4s
left bottom: 1/13s, right bottom: f/11, 1/80s

Accidental timelapse of Blue lake during one sunrise. the Color changes from purple to bright yellow. A cloud on the horizon came by in the middle of the sequence lowering the shutter speed for two shots contrary to what you would expect. Didn't hurt the color though. There is a bigger version on flickr too.

I also created a funny timelapse of all my shots that morning in that direction. Since I moved around quite a bit, I had to align all the shots using hugin (an open source panorama creation tool) and to heavily crop to avoid the image jumping around too much. The video is available in HD on vimeo.

Sunrise timelapse at Blue Lake from Jao van de Lagemaat on Vimeo.

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