Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Elk herd in Apex open space

From 2011-10-12
This herd lives in one of my favorite open space parks to do a quick lunch or end of day bike ride. There are lots of elk in the Denver foothills and you don't really have to go up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see them. As long as you are willing to walk/bike a few minutes you can see them up close. This image is from two exposures on my iPhone shooting against the sun combined using a quick mask in Photoshop. The built in HDR as well as the HDR pro app didn't do a good job here as the elk moved between exposures.


  1. nice. Its interesting that you ended up with about as much cloud blow out as one ever got from the mini-labs with film but more shadow detail and colour than one ever got without DIY and some clue as to how.

    I think I'll have to consider a better phone cam or a better compact cam :-)

  2. Well to get that I had to shoot two images and combine them. You can't get this from a plain phone, iPhone or other as I was shooting more or less into the sun here. I combined the two shots in Photoshop using a simple mask. Then I also used a curve adjustment on the foreground layer (the lens flare really killed the blacks) and I painted a selective curves adjustment (mostly a contrast increase) to make the elk pop a little more. The sky is unchanged.