Tuesday, October 11, 2011

iPhone panorama of the Loch and Loch Vale

This was created by 6 shots on my iphone4 (non-S ;-) ) in HDR mode. I stitched them together using hugin later. I did have my phone stitch a similar image using the autostitch app which looked great too, but it lowers the resolution (probably a setting somewhere I should change). I slightly warmed the tone in Lightroom but otherwise this is as is. The image is about 12 MP resolution. Click on it for a much bigger view. It is quite impressive what you can do with a cellphone nowadays.

The Loch iPhone panorama
The Loch iPhone panorama. Buy a print.
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  1. if it would carry one I'd be keen to pull out my "retkiluistimet" and my poles and explore the other side

    best camera you have is the one you have with you!

  2. I never heard about "retkiluistimet"s but they look very much like the skates I grew up on in Holland only nicer with tele bindings instead of leather clasps. Would love to have a few of those as they look ideal for me. I doubt this ice would have held even my paltry 65 kg (excluding camera gear). It is also easy to just walk around and cross the streams at either end.