Monday, July 9, 2012

Timelapse of clouds floating over windmill

Earlier in the year I was back in the Netherlands for work and in the process (I visited my family over the weekend) came by the area where I grew up. It's an extraordinary area with reclaimed "polders" that were once milled dry using windpower. Here is a virtually unknown one that is close to where I was born. It sits in the middle of a large agricultural area in between historical villages somewhere midway between Utrecht and Rotterdam. I created a simple little timelapse of clouds floating over the mill using Lightroom's slideshow and assembled them using iMovie together with a few stills. I am not a videographer clearly, but this is still fun. It's in 720p HD in the vimeo link and it should work fine on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Molen Timelapses from Jao van de Lagemaat on Vimeo.

If the vimeo link overloads (yeah right ;-) ), here it is on my smugmug site:

Google+ post. Flickr link.

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