Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Simulating a wide angle lens by stitching

This is a photo of a sunset in the little park around the corner from where we live (for a larger size, click through to the flickr page). I just shot 5 pictures by hand equalizing exposure and white balance setting. I later stitched them together in hugin and did a very minor amount of processing in lightroom. I kept it understated on purpose.

Another sunset panorama

One of the nice things is that by using the rectilinear projection in hugin, you can effectively approximate an extreme wide angle lens. The widest I own is 18 mm on my 1.5 crop factor DSLR. This corresponds to about 27 mm on a 35 mm camera. Not that wide thusly. I would love to get myself something wider such as the wide tokina, but for static or relatively static objects, this approach works quite well and you'll get superhigh resolutions as a result. Much higher than you can get out of any current DSLR, even including the just announced full-frame canons and Nikons. This image, when stitched at the highest resolution, corresponds to about 32 Megapixels.

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