Sunday, July 6, 2008

Emerald Lake Panorama

From a dawn hike in October last year, here is a panorama of Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National park. I redid this handheld panorama using the technique I described yesterday. In a version I made at that time, I had simply painted in an adjustment layer to brighten the foreground. This time, I developed each image four times, exported the total of 4x9=36 images, and took them into hugin 0.7. In hugin, I created anchor points in groups of 4 using the panomatic searcher and then connected each group together by connecting the main (normally exposed) images. I also told hugin that these were groups of different exposures. I then stitched and enfused (all automatic) the whole thing in a cylindrical projection, ending me up with a 50 Megapixel image after cropping.I think this is gorgeous even if I say so myself! Also see the flickr page on this. This image should print very sharp even at 60x40 inches.

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