Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunset in Mayflower Gulch

I went shooting at sunset with Ben (gorgeous website here) and Dave. Ben's images had been an inspiration for me for a while so that was fun. Both Ben and Dave had shot in this location before but I had only been there to ski in the winter, so this was a revelation. Seas of wildflowers! You can see all images in my Rocky mountains set on smugmug or in the flickr set. The links behind the images go to the smugmug pages where you can also order prints as always. For the social networkers, visit my flickr set on this. Here are the first few I liked.

A classic near/far image with Columbines in the foreground:

Columbines and rocks:

Yellow paintbrushes:

Columbines on a ledge overlooking the basin:

On the enlargement (click the image) you can actually see the insects that like to sit inside the columbines.

More in the next post! Including some amazing sunset shots!

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