Sunday, July 27, 2008

Places to get back at sunrise

One place I'd really like to go back to at sunrise is Isabelle glacier. This is a beautiful glacier in the Indian Peaks wilderness (Bigger in the link). I was there some years ago and shot this on film. You can actually see two glaciers in this image.

Isabelle Glacier Panorama

The problem is that one has to start hiking around 3 to 3:30 am and I have not been able to get myself to do that recently. Along the hike here, there are many gorgeous points such as this tarn that is fed by the two glaciers. Along the hike there are also numerous gorgeous waterfalls worthy of long-exposure shots.


Here is another shot near the glacier. You can actually see two people hiking up the glacier to ski down it a little later. They are especially clear in the larger image in the link.


From around the same starting point, you can also reach this amazing lake called Blue lake:

Blue lake and Boulder

Unfortunately, this valley is oriented wrong for sunrise images, except maybe later in the year when the sun rises more southernly on the horizon. Perhaps if one times it just right just before the big snowfalls it is doable. There are more images from the Indian Peaks Wilderness in my flickr stream.

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