Friday, March 13, 2009

A new day! Firefox color manages by default

Firefix is now enabling icc support by default in their new beta! See this page. This is great news

The default settings only enable color correction for tagged images, just like Safari does. You can enable full color management in a similar way as before. There is now a "gfx.color_management.mode" variable in the about:config box that you set to 1 in order to also manage untagged images and CSS colors as if they are sRGB. This is very helpful for folks with wide gamut displays. IE as always is far behind in this field.

To be complete: Here is a link showing how to enable color management in the current Firefox release. Doing this indeed color manages even untagged images. A very important feature.


  1. About IE, you might be surprised to know that the most advanced browser, ever, color-management-wise was the now-defunct IE for the Mac (circa 2002ish). You could enable color management for profiled images, and have it assume sRGB for non-profiled images.

    That latter feature I've not seen again since, until your mention in this post. Since the vast number of photographic images available on the web are non-profiled sRGB, this feature is really important.

  2. Jeffrey,

    the current release firefox already manages images without a profile if you enable color management in about:config. In the new, now beta version, you will have to increase the level from the default of only managing tagged images (like Safari does) to managing all images. This is a great development I think.

    P.S. indeed the now dead Mac IE did all this ages ago. Of course Mac IE was a completely separate product from Win IE. I believe they were developed by different teams at Microsoft.

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